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We are the only independent ergonomics experts in the UAE and Middle East advising our key Clients on which
ergonomic chair to purchase, why trust anyone else?

What we do

We act as your most trusted advisor, we find you the best ergonomic office chair, with the best discount
available backed by the most amazing customer experience available


We are not retailers selling products to make a profit we are ergonomics experts that really care and it shows:
our Clients get an experience and a chair that exceeds their expectations

The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs
in the UAE and Middle East

Independently rated and tested by the best Ergonomic Experts in the Middle East

Best Of the best
Freedom Chair
3800 aed
195 aed
Best bank for the buck
2000 aed
2100 aed

Like a dream to sit on, great look, very simple to use. It really is a joy to sit on.

This is one of the all time classics!

Super value. No assembly problems.

Less than 25% of the price of the top models but still has 90% of the features and makes no compromises
on quality and comfort.

It even has a 5 year guarantee!

Looks very cool, it would be great for the media or advertising agency office.
It’s fully ergonomic and available in loads of colors so personalisation is endless.


Expert sitters would prefer more adjustability to get the seat just right for them.

Extremely limited adjustments.

It involves a trip to Ikea to pick it up but you can console yourself with the meatballs and mash.

While not quite as adjustable as the freedom chair and the DO, it is the most ergonomic chair below
800 aed on the market.

Takes a while to get all the parts to where they are comfortable. Mixed reviews on the lumbar support.
Hard to assemble.

Bottom Line

A premium chair and a true investment in your backside and quality of life

Matches the standards set by most of the premium chairs on all of the important characteristics
that we tested for.

Great chair at a great price and backed with a 5 yr guarantee so you know its hard-wearing.

For the person that wants a great chair with personalisaton options this is the one for them.


Ergonomic Chair Dubai is your most trusted advisor and because of that we independently test the ergonomic chairs on the market so we can bring you the best chairs at different price points so your team can live an amazing quality of life and avoid pain and tension and lowered productivity

We spend weeks each year desperately searching the local market for chairs that are the best in
their class

We test everything in our office for a minimum of 3 weeks each

We give these chairs away to lucky customers once we are done with them

Models Considered
Experts Interviewed
Models Tested
Consumers Consulted
Hours Spent

I am the founder of Ergonomic Chair Dubai and I have over 19 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, over the last 5 years I have been advising corporations who really care about their team on corporate wellness and ergonomics.

I have had each one of these chairs for at least 3 weeks, in some cases six months. I have worked long hours sitting down and not moving to test them to the extreme.

I specifically went against my own advice and didn’t get up and stretch and move around for 5 minutes or more every hour, I did this to really test the comfort and the tendency of some chairs cushions to change shaper over a number of hours.

I am tall, measuring over 6 feet 4 inches / 194.5 cm so in a fairness comparison I made sure I had three of my team members all test each chair for at least one day. The team I have are varying heights and weights so it was a good test for the chairs.

I made sure each team member and I critiqued each chair carefully, looking at various factors to see how practical, hard wearing, comfortable and easy to use each chair was.


Did you know that there are up to 7 very significant effects of sitting badly?
An ergonomic chair is one of
the best things anyone can have to correct faulty posture and ergonomics at work

The 7 Significant Negative Effects of Bad Ergonomics

    • Over stimulated sympathetic nervous system (the fight or fight/stressed part of the nervous system)
    • A very unhealthy breathing pattern resulting from the hunched over position and compressed diaphragm
    • Inability to rest properly and recover from stress
    • Back and neck pain leading to decreased concentration and productivity
    • Decreased detoxification ability (Including possible fungus/parasite build up)
    • Decreased peristalsis and poor digestion
    • Decreased metabolism making weight loss harder and weight gain easier.


Being ergonomics experts puts us in a prime position to educate you on the most important functions you should look for in an ergonomic chair.

For your betterment we have listed them here.

It goes without saying that height adjustability and chair angle adjustability is essential, but let’s talk more about some of the other features you should be looking out for.

A Lumbar Support

This is essential, the more adjustable the better, if you’re tall or short you will need a seat that you can adjust the height of the lumbar support. If you have a really large curve in your lower back you’ll need a lumbar support that sticks out a lot, to test for your lumbar support angle if you stand against a wall with your shoulder blades, back of your legs, your backside and your feet against the wall and you can easily slide your hand behind your back and the wall then you have an extra-large lumbar curve.

The Ikea chair does not have an adjustable lumbar support and it doesn’t really have a lumbar protrusion to support your lower back, if you have a back problem, I’d stay away from this chair.

The Humanscale has a bi-tension lumbar support meaning the more you lean into it the more it pushes into your lower back. It also has a height adjustable lumbar support, in fact the whole back panel adjusts in height which is great for taller or smaller people.

Adjustable Arm Rests

Adjustable arm height armrests are found on all of the chairs apart from the Ikea chair, the Humanscale chair has really nice, small increments which I believe is great, this means you can adjust it so it’s exactly right, I think this is an overlooked but essential function for arm rests.

The Orangebox Do chair’s armrests can be adjusted any direction if you spec this option on your chair (note: this may change the quoted price).

The Hon Lota chair’s armrests have 3 way adjustability: height, pivot and depth. This is great for people that suffer from hand, arm and wrist issues as it allows you to get the positioning just right.


For People With Lower Back Pain

The team and I all agree that if back pain or recurrent back pain is an issue with you then the Humanscale Freedom, high neck chair and the Orangebox Do chair are the ones for you.

The Humanscale chair has a great function that allows you to lean back in your chair for brief periods of time, we always recommend that our Clients don’t do this regularly and we recommend they get up and walk around the office at specific intervals, however, now and again this is a great way to take the pressure off your back. This chair also increases the tension or support the more you lean back and it has a very nice shape/position changing function that changes the back pad and neck pad with you when you move.

As mentioned you can adjust the height of the back pad which comes along with the lumbar support so you can get it at the right height for you. We have found with our Clients that because of varying heights and different lumbar spine shapes (the part of your spine toward your lower back can be curved differently from the norm) they need this function to stop any pain from building up.

The Orangebox Do chair has a height adjustable lumbar support that is very easy to adjust while you’re on the chair which is important for busy people. The harder a chair is to adjust the more the chances are that it won’t be adjusted because people are focusing on their work and not on their chair, this leads to problems.

People Suffering From Shoulder, Neck, Wrist, Hand and Finger Pain

People that fit into this category will need a chair that has multi or what is known as three way adjustable arm rests.


The Orangebox Do and the Hon Lota chair are all available with this function. It will allow you to get the position just right, for example some people have wider shoulders so they need armrests that can be adjusted from side to side to make working on them agreeable and to reduce the muscoskelatal strain on their body.

For people with RSI issues (repetitive strain injuries) having this function will mean you can get the armrests just right so you can sit at your desk and have support for your forearms and not have to hold the weight on your wrists which is often a big contributor to RSI’s.

People With Neck Pain


For people suffering from this productivity killer we recommend one chair above all else, the Humanscale Freedom High Neck Chair, make sure you spec the high neck version, let us explain why……

The chair has a neck function that moves into place as you lean back, say you want to rest your neck after a gruelling session of working on a project nonstop, when you lean back this chair moves into position to support your neck.

The great thing is that it moves out of the way when you sit upright so that you can work and keep your head in an optimal position ergonomically.

We don’t suggest sleeping in the office but here’s a picture to demonstrate what the chair can do.