The team here at Ergonomic Chair are true ergonomics experts with over 19 years of experience. 

When you need a chair that people might spend years sitting on, its important to go to the experts instead of wasting money on cheap alternatives. 

That’s why we only offer the best ergonomic chairs and desks to the best Clients over the UAE and the Middle East. 

The team here started offering ergonomic consultancy which we still do by the way but we felt there was a real need for quality ergonomic equipment offering great value for money. That’s when we started ergonomic chair Dubai to fill a gap in the market. In fact a lot of our ergonomic Clients asked us for our recommendations on ergonomic equipment, thats when we started the search for the best ergonomic chairs and desks in the world.

  • Tim Garrett.
  • tim@ergonomicsdubai.com
  • telephone: 00971 52 699 3955