Know Your Office Chairs: Ergonomic vs Normal Chairs

Ergonomics has taken the office world by storm! Most modern offices today use ergonomic office chairs, tables, keyboards, monitors, reading boards, and cushions, to name a few. Ergonomics manufacturers say that using ergonomic furnishings in the workplace will enhance productivity. Moreover, an ergonomic chair ensures that employees can work comfortably.

Why do most modern offices prefer using ergonomic chairs rather than the normal chairs?

To answer this question, a thorough comparison between two types of office chairs should be made.

Non-ergonomic chairs are okay until you start feeling all kinds of body pains. If you have a job that requires you to sit in your chair for long periods, you are likely to develop different kinds of body aches. You spend at least 8 hours in the office, and siting for longer periods can jeopardize your own health. An ergonomic chair can address that issue.

Their differences:


The seat height of an ergonomic chair is adjustable, unlike that of a regular chair. The normal range is between 16 to 21 inches from the floor. However, there are models that are designed for people who are shorter (seat height may start at 14 inches). Width ad Depth Most people regardless of height and weight can fit in either of the types of chairs. There is a “standard” measurement that chair manufacturers follow, and this include the depth and width of the seat. However, the seat of an ergonomic chair can be tilted forward or backward, which is good for your posture.

Lumbar Support

While both the regular and ergonomic chairs have lumbar support, the ergonomic chair is adjustable, for a more accurate support and prevent straining the spine. If you have issues on your upper and lower back, an ergonomic chair allows adjustments in the depth and height of the seat.


The standard measurement for a chair’s backrest is between 12 inches to 19 inches. But an ergonomic chair’s backrest can be adjusted to provide a more comfortable and ample support.

An ergonomic chair’s backrest is usually separate from the seat, making it easier to adjust the height and angle of the backrest. If the backrest and the seat is in one piece, the seat has varying forward and backward angle positions. The locking mechanism provides safer and sturdier adjustments.


While a regular chair is padded, the ergonomic type has better padding in the seat and the backrest. This provide additional comfort to the user. Ergonomic chairs usually come in leather, while the recent trend is wrapping the chair with comfortable fabric, like cloth.


The armrests of regular office chairs are not adjustable (though, there are some models that can be adjusted). One of the most important features of ergonomic chairs are their adjustable armrests – users can adjust the height and angle wherein they can feel comfortable while working at their desks.


The ergonomic chairs have swivel feature to enable users to move around their area more conveniently.

With all the good features of ergonomic office chairs, it will be a good idea for offices to begin using them.