Why UAE Employers Need to Care About Ergonomics

Worker injuries due to poor posture are becoming more prevalent in the UAE, according to physiotherapists who say that they are treating an increasing number of cases related by musculoskeletal disorders. These injuries are caused by long hours sitting behind a desk as well as poor posture while working. Many of the cases involve people who work for eight to ten hours a day while seated, and who also have a sedentary lifestyle with little exercise or physical activity. What makes the problem worse is that many workers use laptops at work, which makes it more likely they will suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain since they spend hours a day hunched over.

It is important that workplaces in the UAE adopt ergonomic principles at work, not just for the sake of their workers, but also their bottom line. Increased worker safety means that there is less employee absenteeism due to workplace-related injuries. In addition, workers in a safe and comfortable workspace are more www.clashroyaleboom.com productive and efficient.

One of the simplest things that employers in Dubai and the UAE can do to create a more ergonomic workplace is to provide their workers with ergonomic chairs. These chairs will help ensure that the worker maintains a good posture while working, helping to reduce the possibility of musculoskeletal disorders. They are also comfortable, meaning that the worker will be more able to focus on their work since they are not suffering from any discomfort or strain.

Of course, ergonomic chairs alone will not ensure a safer workplace. It is still important to do an ergonomic assessment of your office to find areas where you can improve safety, as well as allowing your worker to stand up and take breaks from their work in order to help avoid strain. But it represents an important first step in creating a culture of safety in the workplace that can also help reduce costs and productivity.